Quit Smoking Weed – Five Reasons Why You Need To Give Up Weed!

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Quit smoking – five Reasons Why You need to Stop Weed!

Could it be probable with this time and age, for someone to dread a mythical five-headed demon? Achievable or not, it exists! It can be spelled ‘Marijuana‘, a really fearsome beast certainly! This article is mainly meant for typical smokers of weed, pot, shot or cannabis. When you do not smoke, then you are going to understand why you must never do.

Marijuana or cannabis is really a plant with psychoactive properties and employed in producing addictive substances marketed underneath the aliases of pot, weed, shot, grass and so on… The reason I called it a demon is since right from cultivation to consumption, it corrupts a huge multitude of males with respect to their well being, welfare, economic climate, morality as well as their pretty survival. And it can be pretty tough to quit smoking weed. This persistent demon has 5 heads.

1. It is from the law. Cultivation, processing and trade of weed is outlawed in most nations. After you buy weed from your nearby supplier, remember that you’re violating laws and inspire other people to try and do so. Laws are made to get a cause, so do not break them.
2. It shortens your life expectancy and corrupts your bodily and mental health. Even occasional smokers of weed have definite impacts on their health and well-being. Using tobacco weed can take up-to ten many years from a person’s life. When you need a long existence, quit smoking weed today.
three. You waste your beneficial revenue. Think how much income you may save by not buying weed for a full 12 months. You are able to in all probability get a brand new vehicle or perhaps a personal computer with it! You’re much superior off with out it.
4. It is a source of income for terrorists. It is believed that cannabis merchandise make revenue up-to 31 billion USD every 12 months. The majority of this money goes back to illegal organizations and cartels which operate drug trafficking networks ( Al-Qaeda is one) By taking component within the organization, you might be morally accountable for supporting terrorist organizations. Quit cigarette smoking weed!
5. Weed degrades your kids’ future. Kids appear up to adults, mainly their dad and mom and relatives as role versions. Is weed, a portion of the legacy to them? Stop smoking weed and make your kids’ long term brighter. For additional wonderful facts and resources on the best CB products such giving up smoking and quit smoking cold turkey visit our website today.

Tell my friends I want to quit smoking weed

How do I tell my friends I want to quit smoking weed? Short and simple. Most of my friends at school that I chill with they smoke weed.. I smoke weed too… but now I’m try’n get a job and I’m a start my high skool senior year next year so I’m try’n quit but they keep tellin’ me to smoke and idk how else to tell them or wat to do…

They are not my best friends but they are the closest friends I have in school.
(My best friends don’t go to my school now)

Feel high even after you quit smoking weed

i quit!

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Is it possible to feel high even after you quit smoking weed? I’ve been smoking weed for the past 2 years. I quit smoking a week ago but still, everyday, i feel like im stoned. Is this normal?

Quick Guide Stop Smoking Weed

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Stop smoking weed is a marijuana retirement program designed to help stop smoking weed in 3 easy steps … simply

Step # 1

Read herb secrets revealed within the comprehensive smoking weed retirement Guide

Step # 2

Follow the step-by-step program just 30 days

Step # 3


Marijuana Coach and Marijuana Rehabilitation Centers

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It is important to think about going to rehabilitation for anyone who is addicted to marijuana.  In this article, I wish to give information about rehabilitation, particularly about marijuana rehabilitation.  I hope to clarify some misconceptions regarding drug rehabilitation centers.

Marijuana rehabilitation is a program that encourages treatment from drug addiction such as shabu, cocaine and marijuana.  These are particularly helpful in restoring one’s physical and mental conditions, and keeping away from drug abuse.

If you want to be rehabilitated right at the comfort of your home, there are residential Marijuana rehab centers.   You should think about signing up for a marijuana rehabilitation center, if marijuana effects your life in a negative manner.

First, detoxification may be needed.  This is done on the onset of the program, where toxins are flushed out from your body.   Detoxification aids in eliminating toxins from your body.  This also helps in removing drug cravings of your body and mind.  But, nausea, sweating, hallucination and shaking may be some effects of the detoxification process.  You are to be monitored for at least 24 hours so that the process of detoxification will be done without much pain.

It is an imperative to know the different approaches of rehabilitation centers, if you are looking for the right marijuana rehabilitation center.  You may ask for help in looking for the right rehabilitation center from your local officials.  Ensure that you already know the methods that rehabilitation centers have if you are contacting such clinics.  For example, you may inquire about their services like the detoxification process, the qualifications of their staff, the structure of their program, how much it will cost you and if they still give after care.  You should know their policies about visiting hours.  In addition, you should know if they monitor telephone calls that are made or how they handle information inside the rehabilitation center.  Electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones are allowed in some marijuana rehabilitation centers, at times.


Side Effect of Smoking Marijuana

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I’m the curious type; I like to try different things.
I didn’t feel it the first time as well, either I dint inhale properly or i was too nervous. So i tried it again some other time and this time i made sure I inhaled it all the way down my lungs. I think i was by myself at home listening to music or watching videos And it really kicked in ! It’s been a long time ago but i knew i loved the first sensation. It surely made hearing, eating and sex a whole lot better. It was also nice to smoke with my friends as it was a great way to relax socially. I noticed I was smoking it more fluently, it used to be once a month, then it turn to once a week and then twice a week. Sometimes 3 or 4 times a week but only because I was partying often (in college!) but I generally kept it twice a week for a few years. I think i was starting to be dependent on weed, I wasn’t hooked on it but was a way of life, A lifestyle?, just a common habit that people love so much like drinking coffee, eating chips or having sex!

Weed is a drug that makes you relax and makes you feel really good. It opens up your mind (sometimes too much! i.e.. conspiracy theory people!!) and it makes people love the earth and the world in general.

The reason why I’m telling you this and to anyone reading this, You say that your not really into people who smoke it and you only wanted to try it once, Maybe its better you didn’t get high on weed as you might like it very much.

I stopped smoking a long time ago. And yet one of my best friends is still toking away everyday and he’s a professional making more money then i do. Therefore I don’t believe it will make everybody a loser. I think people have trouble quitting because they depend on it the same way other pharmaceutical drugs does on you. They feel help in a way. (more…)

Drug Test – Marijuana (THC) 25 Urine Test Strips

Drug Test - Marijuana (THC) 25 Urine Test StripsHow to take Drug Test – Marijuana? Test Procedures Remove the test strip from the sealed pouch. Immerse the strip into the urine with the arrow pointing towards the urine. Take the strip out after 3 seconds and lay the strip flat on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface. Read the results within 5 minutes. Do not read results after more than 5 minutes. ***Interpretation of Results*** Positive:(+) A rose-pink band is visible in the control region. No color band appears in the appropriate test region. It indicates a positive results for the corresponding drug of that specific test zone. Negative: (-) A rose-pink band is visible in the control region and the appropriate test region. It indicates that the concentration of the corresponding drug of that specific test zone is zero or below the detection limit of the test.


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A Marijuana Addiction Treatment That Works

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The Cannabis Coach is a proven program to help you stop smoking pot. Using this plan had a 100% success rate among marijuana addicts.

No more promises, no guilt and no more long programs. It is just a marijuana addiction treatment that works. Are you sick and tired of  controlling marijuana in your life or be controlled by your marijuana cravings? Do you had enough and can’t wait to find the strength to stop on your own? Before you ask yourself, this program is totally genuine and true.

This audio program received a 100% success rate which helped several lucky pot smokers to give up for good. Before this program was released to the market, I asked a random group of people  online who were still suffering with marijuana addiction to join this program.

The results were amazing! Within just 2 months I had successfully helped all of the participants to stop smoking marijuana for a full 30 days. This is not a coincidence? Now that you know about this system and material that I used to help those lucky people to quit forever. The Cannabis Coach discoverer was a former heavy marijuana user himself and now was completely drug-free for 3 years.

So many different programs to help stop smoking marijuana, I was once ready to just throw in the towel and resign myself to being a pothead for the rest of my life. Convinced that nothing would ever be able to help me kick my cravings for pot and turn my life around, I sat by, smoking and watching my job, social life and love life go down the toilet. (more…)

Easy Quit Marijuana

To quit marijuana is easy. It’s just as easy as this example:

If you live 100 ft. from a hot dog stand and they sell the best dogs you’ve ever eaten in your life. Of you will eat their food a lot more than other food, it saves you time, perhaps money and it’s just really really good… and you might eat more than you know you should. but you’re not addicted to the hot dogs are you? Nope:P

So that’s why it’s not even mentally addictive, it’s just mildly habituating… So when people try marijuana they feel so damn good, because it IS… And they probably want to get high later… but they don’t have the need to get high. There’s the difference.

So to answer your question. I smoked pot almost every day in 09… My grades were good (couldn’t been better) and and I am working too. I decided to quit it in February and start to smoke again later this year because my body built up a tolerance to it… which means the effects were weakened a lot. Well I just stopped smoking it… and that was it. easy

Smoking Weed

Do smoking weed would help me with oral presentations on schools?

No!!! This is one of the few things weed will not help you with!

If you have an oral presentation, the last thing you should do is smoke weed. It’s chill (if you’re used to it) but it’s very very hard to remember what you should say(it’s nerve wrecking even without being. Even in a normal state I forget what I’m going to say in front of  people), & plus when you smoke weed the last thing you’ll want to do is be up in front of a bunch of people & under stress!
You will be up there doing one of three things:
1. You will forget half the sh!t you have to present
2. You will be too stoned to care whether or not you present well, & will most likely cut it short & try to escape the situation.
3. You will be in a major panic & will just stand up there like a high as$!!

My advice, don’t smoke weed before a speech or oral presentation of any kind…been there done that!
I guess you get used to it, but it calls for a very experienced weed smoker. Personally, I couldn’t handle it when I had to give bigger, more important presentations and if you rarely smoke weed or have never smoked weed before then don’t do it. Ultimately, it will calm you down and help with any anxious feelings related to daunting task of oral presentations ( i always hated them too) but studies have shown that people that are light weed smokers tend to become way more listless and lethargic and lazy. Plus you wouldn’t be able to hide it all. Plus there’s also the chance that you wont even get high. A lot of people don’t get high their first or first couple of times.
If you ever wanted to reach the point where you can be productive while stoned then feel free to try it, just not when you have a grade riding on it.

Ten Confusing Facts About Marijuana

1. The federal government’s prohibition of cannabis has actually entirely fallen short to control the use and its domestic manufacturing. The government has actually attempted to use criminal costs in order to stop cannabis use for well over 75 years and still:.

- it is made use of by more than 25 million individuals each year
- cannabis is currently the largest money crop in the United States
- it is being expanded all over the world

A claim that existing marijuana legal issues are effective is entirely absurd and unsubstantiated by the true facts about cannabis. And, not to point out, the notion that cannabis will quickly be eliminated from America and the rest of the globe is a senseless idea.

2. Police arrests and cannabis legitimacies for possession disproportionately influence African-Americans and Hispanics.

This reinforces the viewpoint that police is prejudiced and prejudiced against minorities.


Quiting Smoking – Effective Stop Smoking Aid – Hypnotherapy And Nlp


Many people I’ve spoken to lately still doubt the effectiveness of hypnotherapy and NLP as a quit smoking aid. Not many are aware that hypnotherapy is used since the 1980’s with a great success even in drug rehabs by well known practitioners. NLP (neuro-programming language) is a newly introduced method to quit smoking that has proven to be effective for the majority of people.

Stop Smoking Pills Natural Remedy Natural Suplement for Nicotine Cravings

Scientifically Formulated Based on Clinical Research to:

  • Relieve Irritability and Anxiety
  • Stop Nicotine Cravings
  • Breaks your psychological habits
  • Prevent cancer and heart disease
  • Detox Your Body

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