How can i get my friend to stop smoking marijuana?

How can I get my friend to stop smoking marijuana?

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My friend is smoking a lot and he has started experimenting with other drugs… but I feel like weed is the source of the problem. It isn’t too serious yet with the other drugs but it can get worse. Help!

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10 Responses

  1. Aneta :

    ok, so i can relate.
    ive got lots of friends who smoke weed, and ive been trying to get them to stop.
    problem is you cant change someone unless they want to change.
    i wish i could say that you just need to talk to him flat out and he’ll listen.
    he probably wont.
    once you get into it , you dont want to stop.
    thats the big problem.
    make sure he knows the facts.
    do some research has helpful information and tips as to what to say
    to all those that think weed is no big deal …
    it has over 400 chemicals in it!
    another important thing is DONT hate on them
    ive tried that and it doesnt work.
    theyll only be less inclined to listen to anything you say
    tell them your their friend no matter what
    and that they can always turn to you
    dont let this consume all your thoughts, thats what i did
    and it doesnt do you any good
    you have to learn to accept that there are some things you cant change unfortunately
    try to find out why he’s doing it and ask HIM what could make him stop,
    if he hesitates there’s something there.
    dont nag to much , work behind the scenes because ull get hurt by the person if you do.
    also dont waste your time when they’re high, it wont do any good
    and tempers could flare.
    i dont know if your catholic or anything but theres a prayer i posted in my bedroom:
    lord, grant me the wisdom to accept the things i cannot change
    courage to change the things i can
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    knowing the difference is really hard, because your always hoping they’ll stop , i gave up on one of my friends already.
    i hate to admit it.
    but theres nothing i can do.
    you’ll know when its over, time to back off and let them be.
    in the end its their life.
    you know how i knew?
    i said:
    i love you guys off
    he said: alright well stay around us then cuz we arent stopping sorry

    he cares that i care about him but he dealt me the harsh reality
    and thats when i stopped
    were friends
    and as for what he does at lunch and after skool
    thats his business

    i know where they smoke at lunch because i pass the spot when i go somewhere with my friends for lunch and thats important because when i get all panicked and frustrated about it (because theres nothing i can do) it helps to go there be near them (not with them though because thats dangerous, last time there was a fight) atleast when i go down there it feels like im not ignoring the problem.

    i really hope this helps!
    stay strong (Y)
    good luck :)

  2. Neil :

    hmmm drugs do nothing good in your life
    stay away and drink in moderation

  3. Royce :

    weed is nothing to worry bout – but it does take personal strength to not be lazy n dumb lolol do research on and check out the facts – that is a unbiased website and has ALOT ALOT of info in EVERY drug even ones u never heard of. All in all you really cant make your friend stop – he/she his/her own person and no one can MAKE another person do anything – all u can do is express your feelings with facts to back it and hope for the best – keep n eye on em in case they get into herion, coke, crack, or meth…those the the worst…but again reasearch it…good luck

  4. peanut 2 :

    Weed is worse than some drugs. Like acid.

    If you want her to stop casually send a typed up letter to her parents.

  5. Fish :

    Its not up to you to control your friends life, thats not being a very good friend. Let your friend do what he wants, drugs are not as dangerous as you’ve been led to believe. If your friend enjoys them then respect your friend’s opinion, because no ones opinion is right, not even yours. Stop letting your ego drive you and listen to logic or you’ll always be confronted with problems you make yourself and will never win.

  6. nomnomnom :

    Peanut 2 – excuse me for saying this but you need to shut the fuck up and get some facts you stupid little shit.

    sending a letter to their parents is THE LAST thing you should do if you ever want this person to be your friend again. Personally id beat you into the dirt if you did that to me.

    Don’t worry about the weed, however if this person is experimenting you need to at least try to consult with them. Don’t try to control them and command them to do things unless it is a situation in which his life is at stake. Its his choice and he can do what he wants but he will have to deal with consequences.

  7. K :

    i dont want to be your friend

  8. nbesmiles :

    im 13 and im really worried about my friend…. he resently started doing weed and he is doing it because of his friend…ive begged him to stop but nothing works….he is 13 :(…..he is convinced nothing will happen to him but im scared he could really get hurt….he is a really good friend and i dont want to lose him for this….its hurting me alot…..i told him he is way better than that stuff and it makes him look trashy but nothing works……please help i need some advice

    • admin :

      There’s a lot of ways to convince a person to stop smoking weed like showing things that smoking weed will go to a bad result. Like for example you accidentally browse this site then show all the bad things that a weed can cause to a human body and if you really care for your friend no matter what you’ll find ways to stop him to do some bad things.

    • admin :

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