Is it possible for me to stop smoking weed

Is it possible for me to stop smoking weed

I’ve been smoking weed for 14 years and its kinda old, but its so hard to stop. I know I wanna stop but every time I try to get away from it someone comes around smoking it and I fall back into the smoke..can anyone help me with some logical answers? I’m 27

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  1. guitar_girl1988 :

    Call on Jesus my brother, He will help you through it. You have to focus on your goal! You can do it, you’ll regret it later if you don’t. Like other’s said, stay away from those that do smoke it. That’s really not THAT hard!

  2. liv_bakos :

    self discipline…..everytime u smoke it…punish yourself….like lock ur self in your room (lol i dunno),…..everytime someone comes over and smokes and u dont smoke…..reward yourself (weekend away w/ friends ) lol xxx

  3. Basil :

    Check this out, the next time you want to light one up.. don’t. See? Easy.

    Anyways, stop hanging out with people who smoke it, it’s not like you run into random people toking off walking down the street.

  4. galzmom :

    WILL POWER is all you need

  5. edna_romano_1943 :

    Sadly my nephew died from smoking weed, but actually he died from being HI and deciding to drive home that evening from a party. We had always informed him that either he stays there, o just call us, we would pick him up from wherever. He was only 21 years old and we miss him very much.


  6. chad c :

    sure it’s possible, since it isn’t physically adictive you will have no withdrawl symptoms, except of course for being grumpy and pissed off at everyone you see for about a week or two, but even that will wear off eventually, if you aren’t strong enough to say no when it is around then you have to seperate yourself from your temtation, or be at risk of continued munchies and spaciness.

  7. aladdinwa :

    Tell your friends that they can’t smoke at your place, anymore. And leave when they are smoking it around you when you are not at your place.

    You may find that some of your friends will leave you, but you may also find that some of your friends feel the same way you do, and join you.

    But, if you really want to quit, that’s what you’ll have to risk.

  8. the_only_solorose :

    it takes self discipline, you have to give up on instant gratification. Put a sign on your front door, " Smoking weed is not appreciated here". Keep those who would knock from bothering you with their bad habits, and avoid going to those people you know indulge.

  9. bin there dun that :

    You are 27. Great age!!

    This is a hard thing to do, and maybe your "friends" won’t like it. It is hard to do this even with regular smokers…

    You know how our homes are our castles…well, it’s time to take back your castle. Just say, in the way you usually talk, that you are trying to stay away from smoking it, and your home is now smoke free. You wouldn’t believe the remarks people get from their "friends" about things like this, including myself. I never ask people in their own homes to change the way they live for me, so they shouldn’t ask me to change the way I have chosen to live in my home. Same for you.

    Thumbs up!!

  10. Lacey :

    It seems to me that deep down you’re not ready to give it up. You need to find a real incentive, not just a "because I shouldn’t" excuse. Why are you wanting to retire… is it for a job, for your health, for better/clearer performance in whatever it is you do, etc.? Once you find a concrete answer, then keep that in mind at all times. The next time you smoke, that incentive will come to mind & make you feel guilty about failing. Eventually that guilty feeling won’t be worth it anymore; weed’s purpose of relaxation and fun will be lost. If that doesn’t work, all you can do is surround yourself with people that don’t smoke. Good luck, I know first-hand (and second-hand… a pun, hah, yeah, nevermind) how tough it is!

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