Easiest way to stop smoking weed

Smoking is bad for the environment
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What is the easiest way to stop smoking weed?

It helps me deal with stress but I know it’s only a reprieve and not a real solution.

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  1. ardian :

    My advice is, you still can smoke but with e-cigarette (doesn’t contain tobacco, tar, nicotine or over 4000 other harmful chemicals and carcinogens linked to traditional smoking) it’s an electronic version of cigarette but the taste is still like real cigarette. My friends used this, it helps very much. You can find the information on the link source below.

  2. J.J. :

    Two words. Just stop.

  3. MaryJaneBurns :

    There is no solution from stress cause it always comes back. It can actually hurt you and cause damage to your health, whereas a little cannabis, used responsibly is a small vacation away from the daily stressors’ of life.

    You deserve to relax a little so I would not worry about it if you use it responsibly.

    I live in a state where it is legally accessible for patients and docs prescribe it all of the time for stress. It is medicinal grade and top end. Best to you :)

  4. monkees19 :

    Stop doing it. Find something else to do when you are stressed. Addiction is only a state of mind. If you think you’re addicted, you are.

  5. Joshua :

    I’ve really cut down on my weed intake lately because I have been finding more constructive things to do (been doing driving lessons, bought an apartment) and just haven’t been stressing about things.

    So my solution is find something really constructive to do if you want to quit (personally I don’t see anything wrong with your situation, it is a great relaxer haha).

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