What happens to your body if you quit smoking weed right now?

What happens to your body if you quit smoking weed right now?

Many of us have seen the chart titled “What happens to your body if you quit smoking right now?” It is pretty easy to find. How many of these entries apply to weed?

How long will it be until the mental aspects of weed (laziness, fuzzy thinking, paranoia) dissipate and I can no longer use the substance as an explanation? How long until I will no longer test positive?

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  1. MasterMind :

    In about 2-3 weeks+ w/ enough water consumption you’ll be fine [piss test]
    — if you have high fat % you may need longer period of time [just scientific fact] —

    The side effects of weed is literally all in your head.

    At one point I kept thinking that weed will make me forget things & even after I smoked I kept thinking that it was the effects of Bud that made me forgetful.
    However once I began just smoking & didn’t Think about the adverse effects it wasn’t there.

    The car keys example, when I’m I’m high I used to have a tendency to panic & wonder where I put them, BUT once I just Chilled & just thought about it for a second I’ll remember they were sitting right next to me…

    Trust me its all in your head. — Its a learning process, you gotta come to adapt.

  2. Lisa S :

    The affects of pot should wear off as soon as the pot does.. At least, that’s what I’ve seen in other people. (I don’t smoke) and it takes 30 days for it to get out of your system, so it’d be 30 days til you test negative.

  3. Javed I :

    Nothing will happen to your body if U quit smoking just now. If U are fully determined you will recover with in days from laziness if any.

  4. LadyLynn :

    Weed is NOT addictive! So it’s just the habit and the ritual that you’ll be missing. All it takes a little willpower and Mind over Matter.

    For a urine test, it stays in your system for 3-30 days. ;)

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