Reasons For Smoking Weed

Reasons For Smoking Weed 9 out of 10 based on 147 ratings. Most young people smoke marijuana because their friends or brothers and sisters use marijuana and pressure them to try it. Some teens may feel they need marijuana and other drugs to help them escape from problems at hom… More »

Can Christians smoke weed? No, and yes pot is indeed a sin. This new generation of professing Christians don’t care for God’s Word. They will make so many Some have a network of friends who use drugs and urge them to do the same (peer pressure). Children who become more heavily involved with marijuana can become dependent, and that is their prime reason for using the drug… More »

Quitting Weed Depression Jun 30, 2016 … What Happens When You Stop Smoking Weed … withdrawal is moodiness, which can take the form of irritability, anxiety, or depression. More » Following is a look at some of the most common symptoms associated with marijuana withdrawal: One of the symptoms most reported by people trying to quit

Looking for reasons to stop smoking weed? Check out our list of the the most common reasons to stop smoking weed, we’re sure you’ll find at least 2.

It’s about being balanced and informed. Exploring the upsides and downsides to cannabis. We’ve reported a ton on the benefits of cannabis and its potential in … Because marijuana smoke contains three times the amount of tar found in tobacco smoke and 50 percent more carcinogens, it would seem logical to deduce that there is an increased risk of lung cancer for marijuana smokers…. More »

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Apr 20, 2015  · Likely because of the smoking being not-so-great-for-you thing, I’ve noticed that I simply feel a lot better when I use a vape. I used to think that the … In 2006, many of us in medicine were shocked when a review of research to date did not show an increase in lung cancer related to marijuana use. Marijuana smoking does cause inflammation and cell damage, and it has bee… More »