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alcoholism.about.com In a large study of Australian twins, the researchers found that those who used marijuana before age 17 were two to five times more likely to use other drugs or to develop alcohol or drug abuse or dependence. “There is … More »

addictions.about.com Is it true that marijuana leads to other drug use? Because most people who develop severe problems with drugs, such as cocaine , meth , and heroin , had early experiences with marijuana before trying these other drugs, … More »

How To Smock Weed Smoking weed may dampen the brain’s response to reward over time and put people more at risk of becoming addicted to the drug or other substances, finds a new study. The findings showed … I know a lot of people these days that have only smoked marijuana but are curious to see how eating marijuana

addictions.about.com Hashish and weed can be mixed with rolling tobacco (a soft, moist, sticky tobacco preparation designed for hand-rolling) or the dry tobacco from deconstructed cigarettes.  If you are in the company of people who use ela… More »

What Is The Best Thing To Quit Smoking Why Does Pot Make Me Paranoid It’s true, cannabis can make you paranoid. Researchers can now explain why. Jul 19, 2013  · Pastor Calls Trayvon Martin ‘Pot-Smoking, Paranoid 17-Year-Old Boy,’ Rails at Church for Being ‘Black’ on Verdict Mother’s Day is not easy for me. Why? because that unconditional love, that feeling that your mom was

addictions.about.com So what is the difference between soft drugs and hard drugs? Criminological research shows that few drug offenders limit themselves to only one drug, bringing into question the idea that drug users are able to limit the… More »

alcoholism.about.com Long-term studies of high school students and their patterns of drug use show that very few young people use other illegal drugs without first trying marijuana. For example, the risk of using cocaine is 104 times greate… More »